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Today’s Health Care Alternatives

John T. Hart, MD.

Raquel Martin and her co-author, Dr. Judi Gerstung, have performed a tremendous service to the women of America by writing The Estrogen Alternative.I believe all women will greatly benefit from reading this well-written and resource-laden book. I am sure many will identify with Raquel's experiences and frustration as she wanders through the maze of traditional medical therapy seeking relief for her menopausal symptoms.

It has been my observation that when women are presented with the information in this book, it makes sense to them and provides encouragement for change. As the authors point out, not only are the hot flashes, irregular menses, and emotional upsets relieved by natural hormone therapy, but also such conditions as insomnia, weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, osteoporosis, thinning hair, and depression. Unfortunately, the symptoms on this list, often wrongly attributed to estrogen deficiency rather than estrogen dominance, are treated by allopathic medicine with even more estrogen. This can lead to worsening of symptoms, increased bleeding, or the often unnecessary hysterectomy.

Not recognizing that many of these problems could be eliminated or controlled by Nature's counterbalance to estrogen, natural progesterone, the physician may deal with the other notable symptoms created by estrogen dominance as separate maladies, resulting in individual testing and treatment for each complaint. Depression is treated as a Prozac deficiency, water retention with a diuretic, weight gain with appetite suppressants, whereas the solution can be as simple as counteracting estrogen overload with what she is no longer able to produce on her own--namely, progesterone.

Women today need a book like this to understand what is happening to their bodies during pre-, peri-, and post-menopause and to recognize the symptoms of estrogen dominance and anovulation that are so prevalent. It is a tremendous resource to any practitioner such as myself to recommend to his patients. It is a valuable teaching tool as I try to educate my patients about the many hormonal changes that are taking place. With this knowledge, women can make informed choices, not only about natural hormone therapy, but also about exercise, diet, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. The Estrogen Alternative fulfills this need. Otherwise, my patients are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry and their dollars that are pumped into women's magazines and other advertising media.

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Joseph S. Randall, M.D.

The Estrogen Alternative has been instrumental in changing the health care I provide to women. Where once I focused on synthetic HRT with estrogen, thinking the benefits outweighed the risks, I now strongly support the use of natural HRT. For example, the book documents the fact the estrogen replacement merely delays but does not prevent osteoporosis. Natural progesterone, with its virtual absence of side effects, makes sense. Using it in my practice (OB/GYN and fertility) has greatly improved my patients' quality of life.

Sylvia Crawley, MD

As women become more and more involved in decisions about hormone therapy, The Estrogen Alternative serves a vital need. It is very timely and addresses this increasingly complex problem. The dilemma is due, in great part, to to the many inconclusive and contradictory studies published by traditional medicinal institutions. It examines the benefits of natural progesterone supplementation for women of all ages, with the author's shared experiences making The Estrogen Alternative even more appealing. She offers educational support for women who wish to participate actively in decisions about their own care. She also presents a challenge to the physicians who, it is hoped, will become more receptive to patients wishing to consider a more natural approach.

Elizabeth Schultz, DO, FACOG

The authors of The Estrogen Alternative represent the grassroots women of the 60's. As maidens, they rekindled the cause of feminine independence; as mothers, they reclaimed the birthing of babies, and now, as matrons, they're redefining the menopausal passage. We should look forward to the continual accomplishments of these women, as they make up the largest group of "wise elders" the world has ever known. I, for one, am glad to be counted among them.