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“Any woman who is considering synthetic hormone therapy or who wishes to get off of it owes herself the reading of this book.” World Health News

“Women need a book like The Estrogen Alternative to understand what is happening to their bodies during premenopause, perimenopause, and post menopause. It is a terrific resource for practitioners to recommend to their patients.” John Hart, M.D.

"If it weren't for the well-documented book, The Estrogen Alternative, which is backed up by scientific research, I would not know that there is an alternative to HRT." Linda Carr

"I look upon The Estrogen Alternative as perhaps the most valuable health book I have ever read--and perhaps ever will read. I felt so many emotions as I read about the misinformation and deception surrounding the entire estrogen issue…" Kathleen Herrema

"Martin and Gerstung's solid research and excellent presentation make it a worthwhile resource for doctors and patients."  Beauty, Health & Fitness

More and more women are trying to find alternatives to synthetic hormones and their harmful side effects. Yet despite the increasing awareness of the dangers of conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), over-prescription of estrogen therapy for women is still rampant, as is confusion among doctors and patients whether the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks. This updated fourth edition of The Estrogen Alternative offers the latest information on how bioidentical progesterone therapy, also known as natural HRT, can provide safe, natural solutions for the numerous problems women face from hormone deficiency and imbalance including:

Thyroid disorders • Osteoporosis • Cancer (breast, uterine, ovarian) • Fibromyalgia • Obesity • Fibrocystic breasts • Depression • Menstrual irregularity • PMS Insomnia • Vaginal dryness • Hot flashes • Night sweats • Miscarriages • Infertility Uterine fibroids • Endometriosis • Cardiovascular and heart problems

The authors sift through the many layers of misinformation and contradictory studies about female hormone therapy, warning against corporate-sponsored research in a multi-billion dollar menopausal industry, and guide readers to natural alternatives. This fourth edition also includes new information regarding estrogen dominance as a cause of prostate cancer in men, the dangers of a diet rich in soy contributing to thyroid disorders and estrogen overload, unsaturated oils causing hormone imbalance, and the connection between birth control (pills, shots, implants) and infertility. The controversy over mammography and the importance of focusing on safer, more effective methods of cancer detection are also well documented.

It addresses common concerns to the appalling consequences of misdiagnosis and mistreatment of hormone imbalance. The book also talks about natural therapies to problems of PMS, infertility, miscarriage, menopause, heart disease and fibromyalgia; and provides educational support in the prevention and even reversal of osteoporosis.  Studies also show that the ionizing radiation from mammography X-ray exams is harmful to the mammary glands and can actually stimulate cancer that may already exist. This work explains how women can avoid the all-too-common recommendation of a hysterectomy. Research shows how progesterone opposes estrogen's stimulatory effect on cell growth, as found in endometriosis, fibroids and cancers of the breast, uterus, ovaries and prostate in men. Research explains how soy foods are highly estrogenic and can also suppress thyroid function. Unsaturated vegetable oils synergize with estrogen and can also create a serious hormone imbalance.  The Cancer Chapter discusses the dangers of environmental and endogenous estrogens, for both men and women. It also provides numerous natural alternatives, which have been proven to combat cancer.

"A person should take every care of his body...not for the sake of the body,  but in order that the soul in a sound body may act...rightly, and may have the body as an organ perfectly obedient to it"*

RAQUEL MARTIN’S other works include Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally and Today’s Health Alternative. JUDI GERSTUNG, D.C., is a chiropractic consultant and national speaker on hormonal and nutritional issues who specializes in environmental pollutants and their impact as endocrine disrupters.


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