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Welcome to Today's Healthcare Alternatives, comprehensive information about Raquel Martin's books on natural hormone replacement therapy with yam-derived botanical progesterone, preventing and reversing arthritis naturally, and chiropractic care.

“For many years I have studied the beneficial effects of nutritional balance, and also neurological and hormonal balance. Although these 3 natural approaches may seem distinctive,  for me they have become a trilogy in my life as I found that they all worked synergistically in helping me to finally achieve overall homeostasis and increased energy I never thought possible, especially as I got older.” - Raquel Martin

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This Web site began as a gift from my daughter, Marie Martin

Have read many books on health the natural way. Still, this one told me some things I did not know. I am about 1/3rd through the book and know I will be ordering this book for my brother for general health info. Arthritis has "many fingers" and it is surprising to find out that other issues you may have are related to this illness. You truly have to fix the entire body and not just take care of the symptoms.

This is an essential book that is just packed full of useful information! I am using this to make myself balanced and healthy again, and would recommend this book to everyone!

Reviews from for Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally: The Untold Story

This book answered all my questions. It covers all the therapies available, plus all the recommended foods and supplements. It all makes sense. Well written. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but am sure I have RA based on the symptoms. I truly believe that recovery is possible by just listening to what the body is saying (what is the nagging pain saying, what is the headache saying, why are joints swollen), doing the research and acting on it. This book simplified my research time, and I'm on it, ordering a few products that will get me on the right track, and eliminating some bad habits with what I'm eating.

Excellent advice some of it I already knew or had read elsewhere and was gratified to see it in this book as well. Learned alot and started applying it right away as I was just starting a new health regime. Very pleased so far at the start of week three. I bought the book used and it was in good shape and I'm about it pass it over to the next reader who is looking forward to the content.