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Today’s Health Care Alternatives

Raquel  Martin had been researching natural alternatives to drugs and surgery as a means of achieving good health for several decades. She has endured the traditional route of  prescriptive medication for hormonal imbalance, unrelenting back pain and has  seen herself  through a period of temporary paralysis. However, it wasn’t until she learned of the spine being the seat of all sickness and disease and discovered the powerful remedies found in plant-based organic foods, did her life change for the better. Living in a wholistic lifestyle she learned that true maintenance must include nutritional as well as hormonal & neurological re-balancing.

Her sincere desire to share what she has learned resulted in three books, all of which continue to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Her message has been eagerly accepted in the US, United Kingdom, England, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, China and many Spanish-speaking countries. One of her books, The Estrogen Alternative: A Guide to Natural HRT,  became one of the publisher’s best sellers and has been translated from English into Spanish, French and Hebrew.

Raquel’s extensive investigation into healing powers of enzymatic foods made her cautious of today’s food fads and resulted in a work entitled Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally. The book discusses natural approaches that work synergistically in promoting overall homeostasis, which increases energy as we age. This comprehensive work shows how good health is enjoyed through

multi-therapeutic gentle ways of healing that complement each other yet need not a prescription.

About The Author

Clockwise from top left: Jack Martin, Raquel Martin (Author), Connie Smith (Editor, holding Today's Health Alternative), and Dr. Judi Gerstung, Co-Author

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Her first book, Today’s Health Alternative (Back Pain Link to Disease) published in 1992, describes how the largest natural health-care profession in the U.S., Chiropractic, is often the missing link in understanding the real cause of disorders. Research shows how correcting a misalignment enhances nerve flow to all 12 systems within the body, and allows a critical interconnection between the spinal nerves and the endocrine system. i,ii,iii


She now tries to live by what is reported in her books and feels better today than she did decades ago when she and her husband raised their two children, Marie, and Erik. Today she can now enjoy the many blessings from her children Erik and Rachel and amazing grandchildren: Anna, Leah, Ariel, Sarah & Eli Martin; and from daughter, Marie and her talented children, Elena and Vanessa NyBlom.  

Raquel is living proof that natural solutions to health problems not only work, but are powerful and safe when used properly. She provides an excellent case to help better understand the possibility of intercepting some hereditary tendencies toward diseases. When her  husband suffered a massive stroke, which left him hemiplegic and wheelchair bound, the neurologist's prognosis to live 3 to 6 more months. However, as his care-giver and advocate, chiropractic care and plant-based remedies took the place of many of his  prescribed drugs.. Perhaps this may have contributed to his living 10 years longer than than expected.